First Mexico-United States Seminar

“End Violence, Win Peace in Mexico”

Who:, Global Exchange and the Transnational Peoples Network, in collaboration with the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Rutgers University-Nework,

Alternatives of Disclosure AC, Reverdeser, The Day After, From Us and Poppy Journalism Transgressor.

Program: 72 academic hours, from September 2 of this year and until February 24, 2022 through the Zoom platform of the FCPyS of the UNAM.

Background: In Mexico, for more than 15 years, violence and criminality attributable to organized crime have increased since the declaration of war against drug trafficking. There are those who assert that in the country there are more than 300,000 people murdered and hundreds of thousands missing or displaced. Beyond political parties, affiliations, and phobias, building a culture of peace and violence prevention requires dialogue between civil society, the State, and academia.

In this seminar, you will address the causes of violence in Mexico based on open dialogue between various sectors. Starting from weekly sessions (two theoretical hours preceded by half an hour of images referring to the subject to be discussed) we will address the cartography of violence in Mexico and its causes, as well as the way in which both the government and civil society are dedicated to preventing violence. , face it and live it.

This Seminar has the vision of being a Program that pays for professional training and a better understanding of the violence that the country is currently experiencing.


Module 1. Culture of peace in basic education classrooms, by Alternativas de Divulgación A.C.

Module 2. The state of the art of violence in Mexico by NuestraRedMx and Global Exchange.

Module 3. The War on Drugs, by ReverdeSer Colectivo.

Module 4. The Voice of Victims, by Dr. Janice Gallagher, Rutgers University-Newark

Module 5. Citizen Participation, organized by the organization El Día Después,

Module 6. Media and violence, organized by Amapola Periodismo Transgresor

Cost: $150

*The proceeds will be destined for the UNAM Foundation through its Faculty of Political and Social Sciences.