Intentional cruelty toward immigrants is being used as an instrument of policy by the America First administration. The most reprehensible actions are the ones that separate families –in some cases forever — in foul detention conditions that have already killed kids who were isolated from care- givers in custody.

Step-one to combat the U.S. Administration’s premeditated assault on the human and family dignity of immigrants is knowing what is happening. Our webinars have given the mic to brave people defending immigrants defense Tegucigalpa to Washington DC. Tens of  thousands have listened to stunning descriptions of the pain inflicted by this anti-immigrant administration. Organizers along the US-Mexico border like Al Otro Lado in Tijuana and the Kino Border Initiative in El Paso — and from all over the U.S. and Mexico — have generously shared what they are doing to organize, fight back, and protect immigrant communities

The Right to Stay home/NYTLAN. Economic distress divides families. We’ve long advocated for regional development strategies that create economic opportunities and stabilize communities in Mexico and Central America and give families better options to stay intact. We’ve joined the “Right to Stay” campaigns of the Migrant Families Popular Assembly (MFPA) a transnational coalition of  women’s collectives and cooperatives with roots in Mexican communities on both sides of the border. Since 2018 Global Exchange has been a sponsor of the annual NYTLAN festival (see the photo display on this page) that celebrates the contributions and nurtures the ongoing struggles of indigenous immigrants to the U.S.