During May and June our Fair Trade friends at Pacha World joined Amnesty International and toured the U.S. with the band The Cure. By the start of the 1990’s The Cure was one of the most popular alternative rock bands in the world and has sold an estimated 27 million albums. Our own Tex Dworkin has fond memories of dressing all in black and rockin out to Cure tunes on Halloween night back in the 80’s!

Pacha World traveled on buses and planes with the band and crew to cities around the country, educating Cure fans about Fair Trade while selling Fair Trade handicrafts. They visited 22 cities and 220,000 people within a month and a half, thanks to the support of the band, especially Cure front man Robert Smith who supported their efforts financially (and emotionally!)…Pacha World’s tour with The Cure was sponsored by Robert Smith, and they also received a small grant from Dr. Bronners (www.drbronners.com). From Washington D.C. to the West Coast, then back to the East Coast ending at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, Pacha World was welcomed with open arms by fans around the country, and were able to speak to people in areas of the U.S. who were unfamiliar with the concept of Fair Trade. Definitely an exciting time for the Fair Trade movement. Rock on Pacha World!