Question: What do you get the person who has everything this holiday?
Answer: Poop!

Elephant poo paper that is. It’s actually made from elephant dung, and you’d be amazed at the quality of the paper. Seriously, it’s strangely well made.

What are the chances your hard-to-buy for gift recipient has a paper cube made from elephant poop?:)

And in case you’re wondering, not to worry. It doesn’t smell like sh#t.

You’ll find this unique gem and a few other elephant poo paper products tucked away on the pages of the Global Exchange Online Store website. It’s got 100 sheets of — hehe — elephant dung paper.

And this paper is helping to save elephants. In Sri Lanka, many elephants are killed not for their meat, tusks, or hide. They’re killed simply because they interfere with local agribusiness. A solution for both villagers AND elephants has been to find ways to utilize the elephant as a sustainable economic resource. Some enterprising person looked at a pile of pooh and said, “I see paper!”

P.S. The elephant pooh paper cube is also a perfect give choice for bosses who assign one too many TPS report assignments:)