Why We Rise Town Hall Webinar Series

Why We Rise Town Hall Webinar Series

Why We Rise, Town Hall Fall Webinar Series
October 11 – November 1, 2018

In the final countdown to the Midterm elections, we’re passing the mic to leaders of the peace and justice movements to educate, engage and turnout a majority on November 6th. Join us online every Thursday at 5PM (PT). It’s time to Rise & Organize.

October 11th:  Immigrant Rights are Human Rights

Please join a discussion between leaders from the US and Mexico to learn about how people are organizing to defend immigrants in both of our countries. Hear about challenges, victories and new strategies from Bill Hing, Law professor and founder of the Immigrant Legal Resource Center; César Vargas, a national immigration reform advocate, co-director at Dream Action Coalition and New York’s first undocumented immigrant to practice law in the state and; and Gretchen Kuhner, director of Institute for Women on MigrationI (MIUMI), one of Mexico’s leading defender of women and families. Moderated by Global Exchange’s Marco Castillo. View the webinar here!

October 18th: To End War, We Need a Peace Majority

Our country is engaged in wars and conflict around the world. The Afghanistan war – now the longest in our history – grinds on while our current president is replacing diplomacy with threats and policy decisions that are moving us closer to conflict  — withdrawing from the Iran nuclear accord, backing Saudi Arabia’s ugly war in Yemen, and continuing the revolting drone warfare initiated by his predecessors. Americans want peace, but we are not organized to get there. Join Peace Movement leaders Stephen Miles of Win Without War and renowned dissident Medea Benjamin, author of Drone-Warfare-Killing-Remote-Control and Kingdom of the Unjust: Behind the U.S.-Saudi Connection for a potent discussion on how we can build an effective peace majority to turn the tide toward peace.

October 25th: Building our Movement for Gun Sanity

How to prevent mass shootings and other gun violence is an excruciatingly difficult question. One thing is crystal clear: the gun lobby blocks even the most modest suggestions for gun sanity and not enough politicians are willing to stand up to them. That has to change.  #marchforourlives is the new face of a deep rooted gun sanity movement. Join advocates who link the gun-sanity movement with other powerful justice and reform movements in the United States — as well as in Mexico where gun trafficking from the North spurs violence.

November 1st:  Bringing our Struggles Together

On November 1 we bring together a powerful crew of visionaries from the climate justice, immigrant rights, gun sanity, #metoo, and other movements to make a viral call for massive turnout and defense of the right to vote on November 6th.