Big Tech is taking on a larger and larger role in our society and our lives.

The core power and product of social media is us – our clicks, likes, attention, emojis and responses are literally all that Meta-Facebook has to sell. We reject the idea that users can’t set the terms of the deal.

On November 17th, we will bring together users, tech workers, activists, and advocacy organizations to share resources, take action, and begin to build a social media safety net that works for users and workers all over the world. 

People just like you have already helped change the conversation and take action. From online actions to log out, to in-person protests outside of Facebook headquarters, you’ve shown time and again what’s possible when we come together, even against powerful tech giants! 

YOU are what makes the Big Tech Companies profit. It is time for users to build a user-led movement to have a say in how the world’s largest social media platform impacts our daily lives and communities. Your courage and commitment mean all of us, together, can use our collective voices to take action and demand better from Facebook and lawmakers.

Can we count on you to join us at the Town Hall?

If you are affiliated with an organization, consider officially partnering with us. Here is the link for more information on becoming an official partner or sponsor of our User and Tech Worker Town Hall. 

If you cannot attend, but would like to make a contribution to the Town Hall event’s success, you can make a donation here.

The time to take back our privacy and our power is now!

Facebook Users Union is a project of Media Alliance and Global Exchange.

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