Calling all Bay Area Fair Traders! Just got a message from our friends at TransFairUSA who are on the lookout for some fine volunteers to help out with the next BART Rider Thank You Day. It’s going to take place on Tuesday, September 23rd in the early, early morning. They need volunteers to pass out coupons for free Fair Trade Numi tea at Tully’s. I did it last time, and will likely do it again, and it was honestly a great experience. It was a bit tough waking up before the sun was up, but it was truly an energizing action. Interested in helping out? Find out more at the Bay Area Fair Trade coalition website and join in on the fun.

To further entice you, volunteers get free gifts. That’s right…F R E E. Including:

– a $10 BART pass
– a $10 Tully’s Gift Card
– a stylish, limited edition Rider Thank You Day t-shirt
– and your very own, employees only BART logo hat!

Come out and support Fair Trade as well as a sustainable commute. You can also contact us via the comment box for more questions.