The blows — from a Trump Administration eager to divert attention from its scandals — just keep coming.

Last week, Attorney General William Barr took a break from redacting the Mueller report to order Federal judges to halt the bail release of asylum seekers awaiting hearings. The Administration also floated a plan to evict immigrants from public housing nationwide. Meanwhile, in New Mexico, right-wing paramilitaries make news by illegally apprehending immigrants at gunpoint.

Tune in Thursday, April 25, to hear from courageous immigrant rights advocates who are strategizing to fight back:

Gretchen Kuhner, director of IMUMI (Institute for Women in Migration) from Mexico City will update us from Mexico. Gretchen is one of of Mexico’s leading defenders of immigrant women and families.

Katie Sharar, Education and Social Media Coordinator of the Kino Border Initiative (KBI) will report from the US-Mexico border. Katie coordinates the education programs of KBI and develops curricula attentive to both the Catholic social tradition and the contemporary realities of border and migration policies.

Marco Castillo who directs the transnational platform of Global Exchange will lead a discussion on how people in many different places are coordinating to fight back. Marco is a cross border community organizer and will join us from NYC.