(This is the first in a series of posts from our Green Alternatives Department that is currently conducting its first China-U.S. Exchange Program. These posts are written by Green Alternatives Department Intern, Antonia Malhi.)

The Green Alternatives Department at Global Exchange promotes green education through community connections in the local green economy.  Our purpose is to be advocates of green development and educate our community about why green living is necessary and the benefits that come from it.

Our version of a Global Exchange Reality Tour is the China-U.S. Exchange Program. The  program’s aim is to promote collaboration between the United States and China, particularly focused on the green economy and sustainability. The California Local Green Economy Tour explores the different aspects of green economic development in the area and provides the opportunity to create “people-to-people” connections for business, government and academic associations in the United States and China.  Our US-China Green Exchange Program will be based in the San Francisco Bay Area and includes visiting green businesses, seeing local clean energy generation, connecting with San Francisco City government, and learning about green concepts from the perspective of Buddhism.

All of the participants are former colleagues and associates of Sunny Xiao, who is the program coordinator for these types of reality tours here at Global Exchange.  Through correspondence with her former colleagues, she realized their desire to learn more about California’s green economy.  She developed this tour to facilitate collaboration between Chinese businesses and California green businesses.

My name is Antonia Malhi and I am an intern with the Green Alternatives Department who helped organize the tour.  And after much planning and anticipation the group is here!  I will be blogging several times during their stay to showcase the highlights of the tour.  So stay tuned for US-China Exchange Program updates!