Back in June, I posted a blog that referred to Joe Romm, Clinton Energy Department alumnus and the brains behind the Climate Progress blog as “one of the smart folks that I listen to about climate issues” and “one of the best sources around on climate issues”. I also wrote that his Climate Progress blog is “the ‘go to’ source for good climate analysis and solid climate politics commentary.”Please. Allow me to apologize for misleading you. At this point, the Climate Progress blog is little more than a public relations arm of the White House when it comes to international climate issues.

Today, the Climate Progress blog features a guest post from Julian Wong and Andrew Light of the Center for American Progress (the Climate Progess blog’s parent) which positions the China-U.S. cooperative climate agreement announced during Obama’s visit to China as creating “a path to Copenhagen success“.

Just look at the picture featured in that piece (above, left). Do you get the feeling someone is trying to sell you something?

Additional cooperation between the U.S. and China is certainly positive, but this set of agreements did absolutely zilch to address the primary issue that separates the U.S. and China – the unwillingness of the U.S. to accept responsiblity for its historical contribution to global warming and to acknowledge the essential inequity of per capita emissions roughly four times that of the Chinese.

This piece is an embarassment.