For the last few months, our Michigan team has been working with the local community in Detroit to transition it to a clean, green economy starting with Highland Park. The Green Economy Leadership Training (GELT) integrates education and community while applying empowering solutions derived from these community classrooms. GELT seeks to train and empower generations of people to collectively build, work and live in the green economy.

Well, we’ve been keeping you updated on the GELT teams’ progress all summer and last night, CNN’s Joe Johns of Anderson Cooper 360 caught up with the project in Detroit in his segment “One simple thing: A green makeover for Detroit.

Way to go Scott, Brandon and the rest of the GELT team in Highland Park as they work together to try to turn Detroit into a model city.

To find out more about the Green Economy Leadership Training program, you can visit their page where you can read stories, see photos and even contribute to the efforts in Detroit. Also, be sure to read the stories from the GELTers themselves. Inspiring stuff. A green economy future is possible.