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We are putting everything we’ve got into the fight for a better future. In the face of today’s urgent and pressing challenges, we remain committed to the universal values of peace, justice, and human rights.



Take Action Today!

We’re calling on President Biden to put his money where his mouth is and restore full-funding to UNRWA and demand a CEASEFIRE NOW!

Justice for the Disappeared

We will never give up demanding justice for the disappeared.


Travel to Cuba!

Join us in supporting Cuba through travel, building meaningful connections across borders, and voicing our dissent to the inhumane blockade!

Report Back

Binational Action in Solidarity with Migrants

Campaigns Advancing Human Rights

Human rights and human dignity know no borders.

Campaigns Expanding Democracy

Real change cannot happen without real democracy.

Campaigns Fighting for Global Justice

A worldwide revolution in values and practices.

Nuestra Lucha Global

Spanish language international solidarity.

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Find your next Reality Tour

Since 1988, our Reality Tours have provided an opportunity for people to travel and create intercultural relationships that promote global understanding and togetherness. Tens-of-thousands have traveled with Global Exchange to countries near and far: Cuba, Cambodia, México, Ecuador, Iran, and more. We’re excited to invite you to travel with us

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Solidarity is the key. You are the key.
We need you with us.