Our nation chose a new direction on November 3rd.

Let’s never forget: the rejection of Trump is an enormous victory for the values we share. But now the movements that joined in victory must keep working together to create a future that works for everyone. It’s time to rebuild, reimagine, and reach for a future that truly puts people, peace, and the planet first.

The Trump era was divisive, destructive, and all around awful, but thanks to the determination and courage of millions of people like you — all across our country — we stayed hopeful and strong.

As people and communities we resisted the ugliness with all our strength. We built unity, and mobilized our people. And we helped grow one of the biggest protest movements ever to hit America’s streets.

We are on the verge of exciting new possibilities. Help us build this momentum into a mighty torrent of change. 

Yes, we have the power to change our destiny. So, let’s grab a hold of it in 2021 to push on all fronts: for serious climate action, universal healthcare, racial justice, a fair economy, and just immigration policies.

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