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Hundreds tell President Biden: No to Trump era, anti-immigrant Title 42


  1. Title 42 is atrocious. It is racist. It is simply WRONG!!!

  2. Sheila Desmond

    This was bad policy in the first place and should be discontinued immediately.

  3. R

    Please do away withTitle 42

  4. Jay F.Brown

    I am against Trump, whatever he has done. I am definitely against Title 42

  5. YOU KNOW that getting rid of TITLE 42 is the RIGHT THING TO DO ASAP! SO DO IT NOW! The longer you wait to do it, the WORSE it WILL BE to ACKNOWLEDGE that you are AS BAD AS THE t-RUMP! SHUN this POS and DO THE BEST for ALL of the IMMIGRANTS NOW!

  6. Matt King


  7. H. Jack Pytel III

    Down with Title 42 Trump Non-Sense!

  8. Sister Agnes Mary Klar, Congregation of Divine Providence

    President Biden: please follow you values, that tell you to end the Title 42 rule the sends thousands of immigrant families back into very dangerous conditions! We are a very blessed country, but to continue so, we must do justice and compassion.

  9. Cory Pinckard

    Deport corporate owned politicians and the executives of those corporations

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