Ten questions for Presidential Candidates

Ten questions for Presidential Candidates

The 2020 election is just around the corner,  and our 2020 Global Vision campaign is working hard to make sure candidates don’t duck and dodge difficult international policy questions.

From climate change to our deteriorating relations with Cuba; threats to intervene in Iran and Venezuela; weaponized tariffs and the disappointing NAFTA 2.0, candidates must state their position and clarify proposals for a new vision of U.S. policy making — one that prioritizes peace, justice and a humane immigration policy.

We’ve sent candidate the following on ten questions on immigration and international policy.  If you are intersted in helping us get candidates to answer our questions, please write us at 2020globalvision@globalexchange.org.


Greetings candidate for the Office of the Presidency!

The United States plays an outsized role in the world.  As citizens and voters of this country we are looking for answers to questions about how we can be a stabilizing force for human rights, environmental justice and peace.  We would appreciate your answers to these questions which we will circulate to the growing community looking for a new way forward in dealing with issues of immigration and US foreign intervention. 

We encourage you to be as specific as you can so that we help people understand the differences between candidates.


1. What steps have you taken, or plans do you have to assure that the legal and human rights of children and asylum seekers are upheld?

2. What will you do to hold accountable the individuals and institutions responsible for widespread abuse of migrants at the border and in detention?

3. What is your plan to address the root causes of migration in our hemisphere?

International Policy

4. What is your plan for reducing threats (conventional and nuclear) around the world?

5. How do you plan to conduct our country’s relations with Iran?

6.  Will you end US support for Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the war in Yemen?

7. Will you commit to decreasing our military expenditures generally?  How?

8. What will you do address the human rights and national aspirations of the Palestinian people as part of US Middle East policy?

9. Do you have a plan to end ongoing United States military deployments in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere?

10. How will you ensure that the US prioritizes diplomacy over conflict?