2020 Global Vision

We know our country is in a deep crisis. We are sickened as we see the rule of law come under attack by those entrusted with enforcing it. We fear our democratic checks and balances are being destroyed as we watch.

It hurts when the words and actions of our highest authorities spread fear in our communities, ridicule the most vulnerable, stir race hatred, and make millions of us cringe with shame, rather than the pride we deserve to feel for our country.

We must push back against these ugly political realities with all the democratic spirit and wisdom we can muster. Our collective action, inspired by belief in a kinder and more just world, has never been more important.

Elections Matter

We all have a huge stake in the outcome of the 2020 elections — both in the United States and beyond. We urgently need representatives who have a vision for healing our nation and playing a generous, humble, and constructive role in our world.  We need leaders who embrace the world and its complexity with strength and moral centeredness — unequivocally rejecting the macho-nationalism and extremist trajectory of so-called America first ideology.

We must cultivate and support leaders who share majority values — respect for human rights; democratic strength through diversity; the sincere pursuit of truth and the application of scientific knowledge to policy issues of utmost urgency — like defusing climate catastrophe, preventing war; ending drug war mass incarceration, getting guns off our streets, and treating immigrants like human beings.

2020 Elections

As a first step, we’re looking at the positions of the candidates running for President.

We’ll help dig into their positions on: US wars and intervention abroad and controlling the dangerous guns that inflict so much pain in our homes, schools, places of worship, and in neighbor countries like Mexico. And perhaps most importantly to give you the tools to apply pressure to the people running for office (Democrat and Republican) to abide by the principles we all share.

We need massive participation in every democratic space available to turn back the evil tide that the current administration has unleashed on communities here in the U.S. and around the world, the climate, and our future.

The elections are just around the corner. It’s time to get informed, get engaged, and act.

It’s time for all of us to do everything we can to oppose and turn back the most outrageous attacks on our institutions and on the most vulnerable of us.

Our Focus

Immigration is complex. But many of the most immediate challenges we face are simple. Close the concentration camps. Stop separating families. Stop locking people in filthy overcrowded cages.

And we know that the comprehensive solutions must recognize the global economic forces, the growing impacts of climate change, the history of (in most cases U.S.-backed) violence that are driving migration today, and the human dignity we all deserve.

Ending U.S. Wars, Threats, and Intervention

War and aggression should never be the policy choice of first resort for international relations. Yet time and again, from Iran to Iraq, stretching back to the infancy of the American Republic, diplomacy has been conducted at the point of a sword, the crash of the smart bomb.

Whoever wins the Presidency must show respect for international institutions of law. In order to free up needed funds for other vital programs, and to diminish U.S. militarism, candidates should demand a reduction in military spending.

Beyond the Election

Global Vision 2020 doesn’t stop when a new President takes power. In fact, this is only the beginning of the work to organize for solutions, from the grassroots to the highest seats of power in D.C. and Wall Street.

Once we turn back the dangerous and divisive forces by electing someone to office who reflects our commonly held values, it isn’t time to sit back and relax. Electoral politics are just one of the many arenas in the struggle for progress.

Global Vision 2020 is committed to the long term work of organizing, of building alliances, and yes, holding our elected officials accountable for the promises they made while campaigning.