We all have a huge stake in the outcome of the 2020 elections — both in the United States and beyond. We urgently need representatives who have a vision for healing our nation and playing a generous, humble, and constructive role in our world.

We need leaders who respect human rights and the application of scientific knowledge to policy issues of utmost urgency — like defusing climate catastrophe, preventing war; ending drug war mass incarceration, getting guns off our streets, and treating immigrants like human beings.

Peace and Human Rights Debate Guide: The Final Stretch

We offer our 2020 Peace and Human Rights Debate Guide – final stretch edition.  It’s for people who have their minds made up and for those still thinking things over.

Please download the 2020 Peace and Human Rights Debate Guide here.

Since our founding in the 1980s Global Exchange has sought to illuminate and uphold human rights, peace, and democracy,  at home and abroad. And that will still be our mission after the election, no matter what happens. Help us now to apply human rights principles to better understand the views and likely actions of the presidential candidates.

We, defenders of human rights, must hold our country and those aspiring to lead it to very high standards. Our job as a human rights organization is never to make endorsements, but to help you assess your own best choices now, during the election, and in its aftermath.

Download our Debate Guide to evaluate:

How the candidates stack up on peace and human rights:

  • Climate Justice
  • Racial Justice
  • Economic Justice
  • Immigration Justice
  • Health Justice
  • Criminal Justice
  • Ending Foreign Wars
Voting resources: