2020 Candidate Questionnaire Toolkit

2020 Candidate Questionnaire Toolkit

The 2020 election is just around the corner, and it’s more important than ever we know just where the candidates stand on the issues most important to us.

We’ve sent out questionnaires to all the candidates running for President. We’ve asked them about immigration, endless war, the Iran deal, and more.  (Read the full Questionnaire here )

So far, not everyone has responded. Let’s make sure they answer!

In this toolkit, you’ll find all kinds of ways you can help pressure the 2020 presidential candidates to answer our questions — whether that’s through online activism, contacting their campaigns, or taking action at a rally.

If you have any questions, or have suggestions on other ways you’d like to get involved, don’t hesitate to drop us a line: 2020globalvision@globalexchange.org


We’ve made it as easy as can be. Simply copy and paste the link below, and you’ll automatically tweet the following message at the candidate.

“We’ve put together a quick questionnaire on the policies our members find most important. Will you let us know exactly where you stand on important foreign policy questions?”


Write Candidates’ Campaigns

Help us inundate candidate’s campaign inboxes with our demand that they tell us exactly where they stand on critical international and immigration policies.

Write the candidate your following the closest or write them all. All you have to do is copy and paste the text below.

Write them once or once a day. Every email counts. And please ask your family and friends to join you.

Click on a candidate’s name in the list below to automatically generate an email:

Sample Email


My name is (YOUR NAME), and I’m writing to urge (CANDIDATE NAME) to respond to a short questionnaire on important foreign policy questions leading up to the 2020 election sent on September 6th by the human rights organization, Global Exchange.

Global Exchange will be publishing (CANDIDATE NAME) along with other 2020 candidate responses on Nov. 3, one year out from election day.

I encourage (CANDIDATE NAME) to respond to the questionnaire. You can find a link to the questions here.

If you need Global Exchange to resend the questionnaire, you can request that at 2020globalvision@globalexchange.org.


(Your name here)

Candidate Email Addresses

Instructions for Candidate Town Halls

If you have the opportunity to ask a question, we encourage you to selection from the text below and ask them verbatim.


1. What steps have you taken, or plans do you have to assure that the legal and human rights of children and asylum seekers are upheld?

2. What will you do to hold accountable the individuals and institutions responsible for widespread abuse of migrants at the border and in detention?

3. What is your plan to address the root causes of migration in our hemisphere?

International Policy

4. What is your plan for reducing threats (conventional and nuclear) around the world?

5. How do you plan to conduct our country’s relations with Iran?

6.  Will you end US support for Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the war in Yemen?

7. Will you commit to decreasing our military expenditures generally?  How?

8. What will you do address the human rights and national aspirations of the Palestinian people as part of US Middle East policy?

9. Do you have a plan to end ongoing United States military deployments in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere?

10. How will you ensure that the US prioritizes diplomacy over conflict?