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Webinar: A People’s Uprising and Demand for Democracy in Haiti

Hundreds of thousands of Haitians have taken to the streets in mass mobilizations demanding accountability from Haiti’s political class accused of squandering billions of dollars in proceeds from Venezuela’s discounted PetroCaribe oil program.

Chanting “we are hungry, we can’t take it anymore,” protesters are demanding that the thoroughly corrupt and fraudulently elected president, Jovenel Moise, resign immediately.

Their demands have been met with vicious repression. It is an urgent moment for international solidarity to break the silence around Haiti.

View our  webinar – A People’s Uprising and Demand for Democracy in Haiti to hear from activists and experts on the frontlines of this struggle:

Maud Jean-Michel is prominent Haitian organizer in the Haitian Community. She is an analyst and powerful speaker who has hosted radio talk shows since 1992. She currently hosts a popular educational program, “Sewom Patriyotik”, heard every Sunday on “Radio Timoun (Youth Radio)” .

Kevin Pina is a country expert for Haiti with the Varieties of Democracy Project, a joint academic project of the Universities of Notre Dame and Gothenburg in Sweden. He is founding editor of the Haiti Information Project and the producer of two documentaries on Haiti.

Robert Roth is a longtime activist and co-founder of the Haiti Action Committee. He has been a history teacher in the San Francisco Unified School District for the past 30 years.

Pierre Labossiere is a community activist, member of the board of directors of Global Exchange and a co-founder of the Haiti Action Committee.

Moderated by Isabella Bellezza.

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    I was very impressed with the speakers, and I learned a lot. I’m amazed at how the ruling elite keeps the news from Haiti from being generally known, even in this age of global communication – I seldom hear any thing about Haiti in the media (except on KPFA) Hoping to visit ….

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