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View our Expert Panel: Venezuela’s Crisis: Is there any good way out?


View our expert panel to hear from Miguel Tinker Salas, Venezuelan scholar and Professor of Latin American History at Pomona College; Laura Carlsen, Mexican journalist and director of the Americas Program, and Medea Benjamin, author and anti-war activist on the growing crisis in Venezuela.

Venezuela’s economic and political crisis reached a level of international emergency last week as opposition leader Juan Guaido renounced sitting president Nicolas Maduro, declared himself president and called for new elections. President Trump — who put neocon Elliot Abrams (convicted of lying to Congress in 1980s Iran-Contra scandal) in charge of Venezuela policy — threatened military intervention and increased crippling sanctions.


  1. david donnelly

    Completely irrelevant and totally unnecessary criticism of the President.
    Shame on you.

  2. Niro

    Good day Venezuela, remember not all that glitters is gold, mr president I support you, I also believe people need the aid, but look somewhere else for aid knock the door here in Africa and all of us will support you with aid. For the opposition leader I respect you and your views but don’t be used for others gain, whatever you cause and fight do so for the total benefit of Venezuela. Your nation is rich protect it

  3. Patrick Noagbedzi

    The President must give way for free and fair elections. Power belongs to the people.

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