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Celebrate Our 30th Anniversary in Cuba or Oaxaca

Since our founding three decades ago, we’ve been at the forefront of movements fighting for a world where economic, environmental, and social justice is a reality for all. International solidarity has been a key component of this struggle, and our Reality Tours Program has worked hard for 30 years to send thousands of delegations abroad in order to build understanding and unity across borders.

In celebration of our 30th year anniversary, we invite you to partake in this rich tradition of people-to-people exchanges and international solidarity by joining us in Oaxaca during the Day of the Dead or in Cuba to ring in the New Year! 

In Oaxaca, we’ll partake in the Day of the Dead Celebration, an event that commemorates departed souls and celebrates the resurrection of their spirits with seas of marigold flowers, elaborate sugar skulls, painted faces, colorful parades, live music and traditional dances. For some, the holiday is a chance not only to celebrate the dead but to demand justice for the living. In this spirit, we’ll meet with Indigenous leaders, professors, artists, and activists at the forefront of Oaxaca’s popular movements resisting state-sponsored repression.

And in Cuba, we’ll learn about the hopes and challenges that Cubans face during this incredible time of political transition, while celebrating the 60 year triumph of the Cuban revolution. We’ll visit several cities to experience different Cuban landscapes and communities while meeting with Cubans working in sectors ranging from health to education, the arts, and the budding private sector.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating 30 years of building a connected global civil society dedicated to a peaceful and just future for all!

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  1. Lilith

    I went to Cuba with you on your first trip there way back when. And went there first with Pastors for Peace bringing buses and bibles. Was a wonderful trip–the Cuban people are so warm and welcoming. And we even got to meet Fidel himself. I got to visit Cuba and be with the Cuban people seven times in all and once stayed for two months–and brought my teenage son and daughter along on some of these journeys–changed their lives forever.

    Muchas Gracias and keep on going.

    Que Viva Global Exchange,


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