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Helping After Harvey: Grassroots Relief and Organizing in the Gulf

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At Global Exchange we know very well it is the people on the ground who make it happen, not giant organizations, and often not the government.  In Houston, it is no different. There are many community organizations and unions who have been the organized voice of the community for years.  Not only will these groups be delivering direct aid to the communities and people that need them most, they will be marching in the streets demanding that rebuilding assistance go to communities that need it the most.  They will be making sure that schools re-open, that insurance companies do not rip them off, that there is adequate shelter, and that local communities benefit from the jobs created in rebuilding.  These groups will connect the dots between the horrors of Hurricane Harvey and the impacts of climate change.

While no list is comprehensive, here are some of the best places for grassroots support.  We will add others as more funds are created:

  • Hurricane Harvey Community Relief Fund was created by many of our core allies including the Workers Rights Defense Project, the Texas Organizing Project, SEIU and CWA unions:
  • Another Gulf is Possible has been organizing in the Gulf for years, working towards a just transition from a fossil-fuel based economy to a just one based around renewable energy:
  • TEJAS is the most important Environmental Justice Group in the Houston Area.  You can give via Paypal:
  • The Texas Workers Relief Fund  is a union-relief effort by the Texas AFL-CIO, and donations are tax-deductible. The state fed has been closely coordinating with the Houston and Corpus-area central labor councils to provide material aid.
  • RNRN Disaster Relief Fund – our ally the National Nurses United organizes medical relief for major disasters through this fund.
  • Texas DSA – DSA chapters (also allies) have been organizing both volunteers and those in need at a grassroots level. Sign up here to offer help (or ask for it) or donate directly to Houston DSA.

Keeping as many people safe as possible is only the first step. The rebuilding, and the organizing around it, will take years.  Thank you for supporting the struggle.

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  1. My name is Azamat and I’m a Russain student in Houston (for two years) and volunteer doing the most I can to help give to my community.

    There are so many in need at a times like this. Unfortunately not only did my friends and I lose everything but so did all my neighbors and many more people out there. I’m doing this to help my neighborhood specifically… since there’s so many people who are unable to work and elders who can’t do for themselves so I’m raising the money to help them out. I really hope you can help our local team as well.. any donation helps weather it’s a dollar or two, it WILL add up! Even 1 cent metters!

    I pray that God blesses your heart for lending a helping hand in a disastrous time like this.. you, yourself are a hero and I’m very appreciate your help!

    With much thanks & appreciation, Azamat.

    You can also support locals sending your donations directly at

    How else you can help?

    – share this page on your timeline
    – tell about disaster to your locals
    – share link on this page as max as possible
    #HoustonStrong #TexasStrong #HurricaneHarvey #HoustonFloods #HelpHouston #houstonhelpneeded

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