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It’s a New Year – Make 2015 a Year for Traveling!

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to travel and learn more about the world in 2015? Good news! We’ve got some great trips lined up in 2015. Check out our full listing of 2015 Reality Tours at www.globalexchange.org/reality-tours

Also, here are a few trips we’re especially excited about that are right around the corner:

The Selma-Montgomery March and Voting Rights Act Tour of Alabama – A 50th Anniversary Celebration
March 1-9, 2015

very_large_square_pic1Come celebrate the 50th anniversary of the historic Selma-Montgomery civil rights march and passage of the Voting Rights Act! Global Exchange is offering a new Reality Tour in March 2015 which will feature visits to historic sites of the civil rights movement in Selma and Montgomery, Alabama (Edmund Pettus Bridge, Brown Chapel AME Church, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, and many others). Participants will meet with local activists, visit the Gee’s Bend Quilters, learn about current developments in voting rights and immigrant rights struggles in Alabama, and have the opportunity to participate in voter registration and immigrant rights work. The tour will culminate in Selma at the 50th anniversary Bridge Crossing Jubilee, a four day celebration.

Haiti: Beyond Disaster
March 7-17, 2015

very_large_square_Haitian_20street_20sceneAfter the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12, 2010, over a billion dollars in aid was promised to the struggling island. The world stepped up, empathized and donated. Yet much of the funds pledged to Haiti have not been received for redevelopment and very little has been done to rebuild. Meanwhile, the role of foreign NGO’s in post-disaster areas in developing countries is now being criticized and re-examined, as many well-intentioned efforts after the earthquake ended up having negative impacts on Haiti. Travel with the amazing Rea Dol as your trip leader on this Reality Tour and explore these issues firsthand as you learn how this island nation works to rebuild. The trip highlights the amazing agency of a few every day heroes, standing up in the face of incredible odds, in addition to looking at the real social and economic needs of the nation and how we, as foreigners, can be supporters of Haitians rather than well-intentioned inhibitors.

Argentina: Building Economic Justice From Below
March 22 – April 1, 2015

very_large_square_625474_927079672812_1010248135_nFollowing the economic crisis of 2001, Argentines led a movement that emerged as a response to failed economic policies advocated by international finance institutions such as the IMF. As a result, over 65 factories were taken over by their workers and transformed into cooperatives. Meanwhile, social movements gained in efforts to hold politicians and military officers accountable for human rights violations and disappearances during the period of the dictatorship in the 70’s and 80’s. The economic crisis calmed in 2002 but political-economic woes have returned to Argentina in recent years. Inflation has skyrocketed, unemployment is spiking upwards, debt continues to increase, and corruption persists. President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is facing mounting domestic criticism for these and other related issues, and hundreds of thousands of Argentines took to the streets in September 2012 and April 2013 to protest. In light of all these stories it is a fascinating time to visit Argentina on a Reality Tour to explore these issues in person, while experiencing all that the wonderful city of Buenos Aires has to offer.

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    Hello Global Exchange, Please send info on any trips to Cuba for Dec 28-Jan 6, or a 7-10 day trip after Christmas 2015.
    Thank You,Frank Treadway

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