gxftindiamapLast month, we reached out to the Global Exchange community for messages to share with the Handmade Expressions artisans in India who make our Fair Trade tote bags and other beautiful items sold at our stores.

Now, Kara, our Fair Trade Store manager is in India meeting with those artisans hearing their stories, learning about their hand-block printing techniques, and sharing the photos and messages that were collected, thus bringing to life the connection between artisan and conscious consumer.

The artisans will hear messages such as the one shared by Sarah C. in Berkeley, CA:

“The bag is beautiful in design and color. I know my purchase will help artisans in pursuing their craft. I feel a direct connection as a consumer to the source.” 

And from Nancy S. in Castro Valley, CA:

“My Eco-Shopper tote bag is well-sewn and made of lovely fabric. I especially like knowing that the artisans who made the bag are working on conditions that are supportive and not exploitative. Thank you for making such beautiful bags!”


Thanks to everyone who shared a message! Stayed tuned to our Fair Trade blog for updates from Kara once she returns with stories from the artisans to you.

In the meantime, support our work which has a direct impact on Fair Trade artisans in India and around the world! And join the hundreds of people who carry around a stylish Handmade Expressions tote bag.