photo (1)Think about the person who makes your clothes. What does she look like? Does she wear Western clothes at the loom—the sun casting a box of light at her feet. Does she wear culturally unique accessories? Does she have kids at home; what are her aspirations? Like any artist or artisan, we know for certain one thing: she works with her hands. She makes beautiful products that preserve traditional artistry, and she makes a living doing it.

Woven Promises Scarf 1

We want to think about the artisan who makes the Woven Promises Ethiopian cotton scarves and linens available at Global Exchange Fair Trade Stores!

We get excited knowing she can afford to send her children to school in the sixth poorest country in the world. We’re happy to show off her stunning handiwork. Isn’t it shocking, then, that most clothing for sale is not Fair Trade? Wouldn’t it feel great knowing all the apparel, housewares, and jewelry we buy help support someone in the world in a sustainable way? Isn’t it amazing knowing our products are prepared, woven, and finished by talented men and women like the nearly 100 employed through Woven Promises in Ethiopia? No sweatshops, no displacement; cultural partnership and promise!

Woven Promises Scarf 3Woven Promises and their Ethiopian partner Sabahar provide a fair wage, access to healthcare, transportation, and a savings account to all the artisans they employ in the capital city Addis Ababa. The work environment is safe, and the production practices are environmentally sound. Hand-woven Ethiopian cotton and wild, organic silks reared by the artisans themselves are wispy as clouds; drape a linen over your table and hear it sigh. Can’t you just see the ground littered with the bright marigold petals and mescal used to dye the scarves?

When people partner to develop the talent and assurance of artisans around the world, we feel confident envisioning them as we would a friend. Wear your Woven Promises with resolution, and inspire others to look beyond corporate fashion. Ethical shopping can change the world. 



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