Gender inequality is global.

While women make up more than half of the world’s population, we are drastically underrepresented in political offices. While women are responsible for 60%-80% of food production in developing nations, oftentimes we are still excluded from land ownership and decision-making around agricultural policies in these countries. While women make up a large percentage of the workforce, we are still paid less than men. While women are the main caregivers of the household, we continue to face physical and sexual violence daily.

Women face numerous setbacks everywhere, yet we continue to inspire change in the world around us. This International Women’s Day, Global Exchange launches a series of blogs highlighting women around the world and the changes they are driving to advance women economically, politically, and socially.

We will share stories from across the globe, from a women’s group operating at the US/Mexico border, to women in Guatemala, Colombia, Uganda, and India forging a path of success for their families. The series will run through March, which is also Women’s Herstory Month, until Mother’s Day in May.

Human Rights Award Peoples Choice AwardStay tuned to our blog and also feel free to share in the comments stories of women who have inspired change in you.

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