Proud owner with his Fair Trade Eco-Shopper

Last week we put the call out for folks to join in our #BagsAcrossBorders exchange by sending us their answer to the question, “What do YOU love about the Fair Trade Eco-Shopper?” so we could share them with the bag makers, and boy did they deliver!

We’ve received so many great quotes and photos already, with more to come, since we’re accepting submissions through February 21st.

Bags-Across-BordersHere’s a recap for those just joining us:

Global Exchange gifted handmade Fair Trade Eco-Shopper bags to many of our members in exchange for their support of our organization and their commitment to Fair Trade.

Next month, Global Exchange is headed to India and will be visiting the bag makers, who work with our long-time Fair Trade partner, Handmade Expressions.

During this trip, we want to connect Eco-Shopper bag owners and our 45,000 other members with the artisans who make them.

So we put the call out to Eco-Shopper owners to send us their answer to the question, “What do YOU love about the Fair Trade Eco-Shopper?

Once we arrive in India, we will share the messages with the artisans, and in return ask for their stories as a Fair Trade artisan and their connection to bag buyers.

Once we return from India, we will gather all of the collected artisan and member stories and photos and deliver them to the world on our Fair Trade blog and on Facebook! *Folks who participate by sending us messages will receive a personal email as well.

Bags-Across-Borders-1There’s still time to join in the exchange!


If you already own an Eco-Shopper:

    1. Visit to submit a message to the artisans who made your  bag with an answer to the question: “What do YOU love about the Fair Trade Eco-Shopper?
    2. Got Photos? Once you submit your story, you will be asked if you would like to share a photo of you with your Global Exchange Eco-Shopper (which would be great!)

If you want to own an Eco-Shopper:

Not to worry if you don’t have an Eco-Shopper yet! Stop in one of the Global Exchange Fair Trade Stores or become a member online here and you’ll receive one. Once you receive it, follow steps 1 and 2 above:)

Deadline to share: Friday, February 21st.

Need Inspiration to Craft Your Message and Photo? Here are a few of the responses we got this week to the question “What do YOU love about the Fair Trade Eco-Shopper?”:

I feel that this bag comes out of an honest trade that respects the lives and rights of the artisans who made it. I feel that this kind of bags deserves to be bought.” ~David B Oshkosh, WI

My Eco-Shopper tote bag is well-sewn and made of lovely fabric. I especially like knowing that the artisans who made the bag are working in conditions that are supportive and not exploitative. I lived in South India from 1989-1991, and I hope to return someday. Thank you for making such beautiful bags!“~Nancy L.S. Castro Valley, CA

This is actually one of the first fair trade items I bought for myself, years ago. Now I sell fair trade products. I have had these bags in my inventory for the 2 1/2 years I have been in business. I love them because they are pretty, colorful, Eco friendly, useful and easily affordable for those who want to support fair trade.“~Kristine P Spring Valley, IL