TPPgroupBy now you may have heard that the Fast Track bill has been introduced by House Ways & Means Committee Chair David Camp and outgoing Senate Finance Committee Chair Max Baucus. If passed, the legislation would allow the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and other pacts to be ‘fast tracked’ through Congress and not be tested by our representatives in government by ordinary review, amendment and debate procedures.

With the 20th anniversary of NAFTA passing just weeks ago, our friends at Public Citizen put out a thorough report outlining the wreckage free trade has caused. After two decades of unfulfilled promises, we don’t need another agreement that will give corporations even more power, trample labor rights, destroy the environment, and so much more.

Passing Fast Track would be a step closer to the TPP, so we must let our Congresspeople hear from us – saying No to Fast Track and No to the Trans-Pacific Partnership! We need trade that is fair and just for workers and the environment in all countries.

So, it’s time to get busy. Take action now, by contacting your Congressperson by email, by phone or in person. You member will be back in your home district January 17-26, call them up and ask for a meeting.

Here in San Francisco, we’re joining with other community, environment and social justice organizations to participate in the Day of Action Against the TPP on January 31. Join in and find an action in your community. Can’t find one? Be in touch and we’ll help you plan one. Now’s the time when all our actions matter.

Together we will beat the Fast Track and Stop the TPP.