After a grueling election, record campaign spending and an odious increase of money in politics, it’s more important than ever to remind elected officials that WE the people, not corporations voted and elected these folks to office. Now is the time to remind officials that their Inauguration Oath is a commitment to represent US (the people), not corporate interests. Take a stand on Inauguration Day, January 21st: join hundreds of other people around the country to #InaugurateDemocracy.

Here’s how you can help #InaugurateDemocracy on Jan. 21, 2013:

  • Tweet a message on January 21st using the #InaugurateDemocracy hashtag and remind Congress that their job is to represent US, not Wall Street lobbyists, corporate sponsors, or campaign sugar daddies.
    Here is some sample messaging for inspiration:
    Tweet: “Hey @BarackObama, WE re-elected you. Not Lobbyists. Represent US! #InaugurateDemocracy
    Tweet: “Time for Congress to #InaugurateDemocracy. Represent US, not Lobbyists! Sincerely, The People
  • Share Facebook graphics created by our friends at United Republic  who are working to pass the Anti-Corruption Act  and Rootstrikers, who are working to end the corrupting influence of money in politicsShare.
  • Take a photo with a sign sharing your #InaugurateDemocracy message for President Obama and Congress. Tell officials what you expect –and require – in order to keep your vote and trust in the coming term. Then tweet or share it with us on Facebook!Citizens_United_Action_Logo
  • Create a human billboard with us: Are you located in the Bay Area? Join a rally on January 19th in the Richmond, CA with Common Cause, Global Exchange, and Public Citizen as we create a human billboard exposing Chevron’s ‘money in politics and how it pollutes our democracy.
  • Meet up with us in D.C. on Inauguration Day: Are you going to be in Washington DC for Inauguration Day? Join us for a creative photo prior to our petition delivery to highlight the thousands of other people around the country calling for an end to money in politics! Contact hillary {at} globalexchange.org to meet up with us in DC on the 21st & 22nd!

CU_Rootstrikers_poster_13I will be bringing our giant petition from San Francisco to officials in Washington DC on Inauguration Day in order to make sure they hear and see the thousands of people and dozens of organizations across the country who are signed onto this call to #InaugurateDemocracy and get corporate money OUT of politics. Will you sign?

Sign our Money Out, Voters IN petition today to have your signature delivered to Washington DC on Inauguration Day!