The following is a guest post by former Global Exchange staff person Elizabeth Lane. The views listed here are the views of the blogger and do not necessarily represent the views of Global Exchange.

As a former Global Exchange staff member and current apprentice at Rudolf Steiner College’s biodynamic farm, Raphael Garden, I am writing to encourage you to educate yourself about the links between genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and human health before voting on proposition 37. If passed proposition 37 would require labeling of food that contains GMOs. Genetic Roulette, a new documentary by Jeffery M. Smith discusses these very important issues. Right now, you, your family and loved ones can watch this 85 minute feature film for free on You-tube (available in English, closed captioning and Spanish subtitles). In the film you will hear from farmers, doctors and mothers striving to protect the health of their children about Monsanto’s strong arm tactics, the FDAs fraudulent policies, and how the USDA ignores a growing health emergency.

You may have heard that in recent times, the nutritional value of our food has decreased. You may have also noticed that more than ever, Americans are getting sick, and that seemingly more and more people have food allergies. Recent studies, as well as countless stories from individuals and doctors show that the links between GMOs and our health are closer than Monsanto and other proponents of GMOs would like you to believe. Genetic Roulette, investigates the connections between round-up ready crops and nutritional deficiencies in our food systems, as well as connections between GMOs and food allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, inflammatory diseases and infertility. As frightening as it is to learn that GMOs are not only a danger to the economic lively hood of farmers, in the US and around the world, but also to our health, in California we are lucky. A few concerned citizens have taken steps to put proposition 37 on the ballet, an attempt to begin the process of labeling GMO food in California—allowing Californians to decide for themselves, what it is they want to put in their body for nourishment and sustenance. If passed, Proposition 37 will create a precedent for GMO food labeling in the United States.

As biodynamic farmers at Raphael Gardens, we are committed to growing delicious food that exceeds current organic standards, using ecological farming practices to cultivate food rich in vitality, that is truly capable of nourishing our community. We believe that true nourishment can provide our communities with the vitality, will and energy needed to create peace, economic justice and environmental sustainability. Recently, a friend of Raphael Gardens, organized a large number of donations in support of efforts to make the full length version of Genetic Roulette available for free on You-tube, in hopes that this crucial information will be available to as many people as possible before election day. Please watch the film, share it with your friends and family, and show up on voting day to let your voice be heard. Doing so may protect your health and the health of someone you love.

Elizabeth Lane is a Raphael Garden Apprentice at Rudolf Steiner College and a former Global Exchange staff member.