2012 Grand Prize, “Peace is in Our Hands” by Amanda Mckenna of Sacramento, CA

What About Peace? is a Global Exchange art contest that asks youth ages 14–20 to answer this question creatively for a chance to win prize money and wide recognition.

Earlier this year hundreds of submissions rolled into our offices, and after months of jurying, judging and photographing, last April we announced the grand prize winner.

Now here we are in October, we have a What About Peace? Facebook page for folks to “like”, and are looking forward to a brand new round of entries!

What About Peace? submissions from 2012

It’s time to start thinking about peace again. Help us spread the word about this great contest where young people ages 14-20 can showcase their talents answering the question: What About Peace?

Painting, short story, photography, graphic, poetry and essay categories are judged by a panel of artists and activists based on form and content. Because of the careful “refereed” judging process, having an entry published on the What About Peace? web site is equivalent to journal publication.

Entry forms and information are on our website, www.globalexchange.org/whataboutpeace.

Prizes will be given in two categories: written (essay, poem, short story) and visual (painting, collage, photography and graphic).

GRAND PRIZE is $1000 in any category
First Place $300 each for the best written entry and $300 for best visual entry
Second Place $150 in each category
Sponsor/Teacher’s prizes $100 for Grand prize and first prizes

Deadline: entries must be in our office by February 15, 2013.

2012 Submission: “We Stand for Peace” by Mary Hare, 17 yrs, Portland, OR

We’re excited that another contest is underway! Here’s how you can get involved:

So, how do you answer the question: What About Peace?