This week, community members around the country will be attending gatherings that incorporate Global Exchange’s Elect Democracy campaign research and materials and host discussions that support and promote local community organizing.

“Don’t Burn Democracy!” BBQs are designed to support existing or new local organizing with mini-grants for food, space, and copies of materials.

Groups are working on a broad range of issues from local greening initiatives to anti-war panels. But they do have one thing in common: a desire to resist Wall Street’s greed and unite to define and reclaim true democracy. This is the kind of organizing that lasts beyond a mere election cycle, and that is the kind of long term, local organizing we need!

Here’s how some of the participants are using our “Don’t Burn Democracy” mini-grants:

The Green Wei sponsors monthly sustainability chats and a co-host collaborator is Occupy Newark. Our meetings are all themed now, as this helps to incentivize our contacts to engage more around the social justice issues we are promoting awareness of. Free food is a great incentive for getting people out and helps build our community.” – Kimi W., New Jersey

Groups and people I work with in St. Petersburg FL have been successful with multiple issues (Awake Pinellas. Occupy St. Petersburg, Sierra Club. Hands Across the Sands, etc.). However, there is need for organizing in the northern part of Pinellas County…  Materials, funds and networking via GE would help make [planned] events a reality. I am an unpaid volunteer and receive no financial support from organizations I volunteer with so every small amount goes a long way.”  – George R., Florida


Interested in hosting a Don’t Burn Democracy BBQ in your community?

Email to request a packet of materials including Elect Democracy stickers, infosheets, sample agendas and discussion ideas, and more.