October 15th. That’s this year’s big day when bloggers around the world (including us!) will be blogging about one topic.

Blog Action Day is an annual event that’s been going strong since 2007. The goal, to have bloggers from all over the world post on the same day about the same issue, an issue that impacts us all, in order to raise awareness, inspire dialogue and enable social good around the chosen issue.

For more on the history of Blog Action Day and who’s behind it (besides all of us bloggers!), visit the Blog Action Day website.

Last year we proudly partnered with Blog Action Day and blogged about food, the year before we blogged about the issue of water. Other past Blog Action Day themes include the environment, climate change, and poverty.

The Blog Action Day theme this year is ‘The Power of We.’ Given our tagline “Building People to People Ties,” we couldn’t be more thrilled to blog about the power of we! So on October 15th look for our Blog Action Day post right here on our People to People blog, or even easier, subscribe to our blog and all of our posts will be sent to you automatically!

TAKE ACTION! Here’s how you can get involved in Blog Action Day:

Register your blog: If you would like to take part in Blog Action Day, register your blog on the Blog Action Day website and publish your blog post about “The Power of We” on October 15th.

More info: Visit the official website for details.

Need content help? If you’re looking for some fantastic content to incorporate into your post, there is a great compilation here.

For those on Twitter, you can follow the hashtag #BAD12 for Blog Action Day updates before, during and after the event.

Remember to check back here on our People to People blog and on Monday October 15th  to read our post about the power of we in honor of Blog Action Day.