Who can afford campaign fundraising dinners that cost $40,000 a plate? Now you can find out!Introducing the free Politicash app.

Politicash 2012 makes it easy to see exactly who’s funding our presidential candidates, drawing back the curtain on even the most mysterious super PAC (political action committee) donors.

Global Exchange is proud to partner with MapLight on the release of this new PolitiCash 2012 app, an invaluable tool for tracking money in politics. So download your free app today and follow the campaign and Super-PAC money behind the presidential race.

Get real-time updates on campaign cash   ( both traditional campaign contributions and Super-PAC spending)…

…and the surprising totals.












  • Download Politicash 2012 today and demand accountability! It works with the iPhone, iPad, or Android.
  • Use the app to share data with friends (via Facebook & more), plus the app makes it easy to autotweet lawmakers to let them know you’re keeping an eye on who’s bankrolling their election campaigns.