The following post was written by Fair Trade campaign volunteer Jenny White, who has been working tirelessly all summer to organize the Summer Fair Trade S’mores action. Thanks, Jenny!

The National S’mores Day of Action on Labor Day wrapped up a summer of s’mores-making and petition-signing for Fair Trade activists across the country who urged Hershey to end child labor and poverty in the cocoa fields. Our goal was 1000 s’mores by Labor Day and we got close!

887 activists across the country made fair trade s’mores and signed petitions.

Photos of fair trade s’mores eaters were posted on Hershey’s Facebook page. Our final s’mores count, a few choice photos of Fair Trade s’mores eaters, and all the petitions will be sent to Hershey with a letter asking them to catch up with their competitors and start the process of going Fair Trade.

Events took place across the country: 82 s’mores eaters signed petitions and posed for photos at the Higher Vision music and “Community Activation and Awareness Gathering” in Sonoma County, California on June 9.

More folks joined in the campaign at three San Francisco Mime Troupe summer shows in the San Francisco Bay Area, making s’mores and signing our petition.

Fair Traders at Penn State, the Brandywine TrailBlazers, sent us a batch of petition signatures gathered at their Fair Trade s’mores event on the Penn State campus on August 16th. Global Exchange’s Fair Trade partners Green America and the International Labor Rights Forum also spread the word among their activists.

Thanks to everyone who made s’mores, got photographed, signed petitions, and told friends and family about this action. We know you enjoyed taking part; the Equal Exchange chocolate we provided for the west coast s’mores was delicious! And so were the vegan marshmallows and organic graham crackers! (Hershey’s s’mores wouldn’t hold a candle!)

We will keep up the pressure on Hershey: stay tuned for our next action, Fair Trade Your Halloween– 31 days of Fair Trade Actions!

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