Global Exchange intern Lily showcasing the GEMS membership card during GEMS drive earlier this summer

It’s good to have friends you can rely on.

Over the summer, Global Exchange announced an effort to bring on board new Global Exchange Monthly Sustainers (aka GEMS), donors who have made a pledge to support Global Exchange with a donation every month.

We’ve been blown away by the response from the Global Exchange community. In the past few weeks, over fifty people have signed up. This outpouring of support from our new monthly donors means that we have much stronger ground to stand on when it comes time to plan our campaigns for the months to come — a solid financial backing as we stand up for the Rights of Nature, call for an end to the Drug War, and boot the big banks from our elections.

And because so many people have signed up, we decided to reach out to our members one last time before summer officially ends to provide another opportunity to step forward and become a GEMS. We want no person left behind!

Three great reasons to become a GEMS today:

1) It saves time.  Signing up online is quick and easy.  Five minutes, tops.  Once you sign up, you’ll never have to worry about making a donation to Global Exchange again.

2) It saves paper.  When you sign up for a GEMS, we remove you from our mailing list.  Fewer letters and no envelopes mean fewer chopped down trees.

3) Ice cream.  As in, a six month supply of Ben & Jerry’s for anyone who signs up today at $10 or more a month.  You choose the flavor.  We do the rest.

Everybody wins!

To get started and join the Global Exchange Monthly Sustainer program, just click here.

If you have any questions, contact Kirsten Moller,