Apply today for a “Don’t Burn Democracy BBQ” mini-grant!

Global Exchange’s Elect Democracy campaign knows that local grassroots power is what will eventually halt Wall Street’s destructive greed. We also know that every penny counts in our communities, so we want to help support *your* local organizing efforts by offering you (and 24 other groups) a $60 mini-grant for you to organize an event (with some good food) that brings people together to eat, talk, and build relationships of support and understanding.

Every BBQ will be different, but the goal is to support local communities around the country in building relationships with one another and to find common links in their struggle against Wall Street’s greed.

Whether your group has been challenging Wall Street’s undue influence in our political system for days, months, years, or you’re ready to start now, please check out our short online form and apply to be one of the 25 groups around the country to receive a $60 mini-grant to help you do what you do best: organize!

We hope this grant will be a small boost for groups impacted by (or organizing in solidarity with) local communities impacted by foreclosure, student debt, and limited social services. It may only help for one meeting, but the connections we create are important and lasting.


Deadline to apply for a mini-grant: September 15th, 2012. 5pm PST.


  • When should the “Don’t Burn Democracy” BBQ‘s take place?

Anytime between Oct. 1-7.

  • What if it is too cold for a BBQ in October where I live?

Any kind of gathering with food, inside or outside, is totally fine. Do what works for you and your groups’ needs and preferences.

  • Who should we invite to our BBQ?

If your group is against Wall Street’s corporate greed, try to think of other groups who share this view, who have had enough, or who may be able to help you (or vice versa). Invite the people you want to build relationships with.

  • Why is Global Exchange doing this?

Because we agree with the strategy, “Choose the place where corporations are weak and people are strong: organize there.” -Vandana Shiva
People power is strong where it is local, where it is nourished, and where people feel safe and comfortable. We hope to contribute to local groups being able to create this space to learn from one another, and potentially to find ways to collaborate.

  • What tools will I receive to help with my BBQ?

In mid-September, Global Exchange will send BBQ hosts packets that include sample schedules, planning tips, stories of how other groups are challenging Wall Street’s greed in their communities, and information that Elect Democracy has compiled about Wall Street’s interference with our democracy. Use what’s useful for your local event!

  • What do you want in return?

A) Follow through- please do make it happen. We will have conference calls and lots of resources to help out, every step of the way.
B) Report backs- let us know how it goes! If your group comes up with new action ideas, friendships, or photos, share these with other participants and supporters around the country.

So, are you ready to host a “Don’t Burn Democracy BBQ”? Apply today!