On Sunday, August 12th more than 80 Mexicans will cross the Otay Border crossing between Tijuana and San Diego, board a bus and drive to Friendship Park, the most southwestern point of the United States where the wall that separates our two countries stretches out into the Pacific Ocean.

There they will meet their new travel companions (including several Global Exchange staff and interns) and begin a month-long journey across the United States in a Caravan for Peace with Justice and Dignity and urge U.S. public to rethink the failed strategies of the War on Drugs.

The Caravan will begin in San Diego on August 12 and will visit two dozen U.S. cities on its way to Washington, DC. View the Caravan route.

Victims of the violence in Mexico will lead the Caravan, speak at stops along the way, and share their testimony of suffering and courage. From Jalisco, the mother of Jose Luis Arana Aguilar will speak of her son’s disappearance last January after making one last call to his children’s day care, reminding them to feed his children. From Coahuila, the girlfriend of Jose Antonio Robledo Fernandez will tell of how she heard the abductors of her boyfriend insult and beat him before he disappeared.

Though their grief knows no end or resolution, they are committed to telling their stories to the American public so that their humanity can move us to action. When the horrific statistics – over 60,000 dead – are seen in the pain, suffering, and courage of real people who are reaching out to the victims of the drug war north of the border, the foundation for change can be built. Read the latest article on the Caravan in The Nation.

The goals are no less than to build momentum in the debate about the failures of the War on Drugs, challenge policies that facilitate massive arms smuggling from the U.S. to Mexico, and end U.S. support for the militarization of the drug war within Mexico, as well as promoting immigration policies that respect the dignities of all people. In other words: End the violence! Now!

Follow the Caravan on twitter (@CaravanaUSA), Facebook, and the Caravan for Peace website. Global Exchange will also be sending updates while on the road at our People-to-People blog.

If you live in one of the cities along the route, come and welcome the Caravan. If you don’t live along the route, join us for the Global Days of Action Sept 12 – Sept 21. More details to follow in the coming days.

We hope to see you on the road with us.