Global Exchange intern Lily showcasing the GEMS membership card next to Fundraising thermometer

Mid-summer has arrived and the thermometer is inching up.  No, not the temperature here in San Francisco, but our fundraising thermometer is inching up towards our goal to raise 100 new GEMS (Global Exchange Monthly Sustainer.)

We need YOU to help us bring it up to 100 by the end of the summer!

GEMS: Helpful for social justice, easier for you!

When you become a Global Exchange Monthly Sustainer  you help Global Exchange create the foundation to move quickly and effectively with a known set of resources.

When we know what will be coming in, we can spend time planning effective and useful campaigns rather than trying to figure out how to raise money for a great idea.

And it is easier for you— no searching for the checkbook, stamp and envelope or credit card.  No wondering about how much you can afford this month. It is simple and easy to make a monthly commitment (as much as you can afford).  Just sign up on this secure page.

What’s in it for you?

By simply becoming a GEMS, your one-time action enables you to contribute throughout the year to important social justice work. Here’s some of what you will be supporting:

  • In the heat of this summer your support will make you part of bringing two bus loads of victims of the failed Drug War in Mexico, called the Caravan for Peace with Justice  and Dignity, to share their stories all along the US- Mexico border ending in DC with a Global Day of Action Against the violence.
    • You’ll be part of building a movement to recognize the Rights of Nature as the only way we can prevent climate chaos and protect our beautiful planet Earth. 

    (Sidenote: If the Rights of Nature is important to you, consider joining Global Exchange with Vandana Shiva on the upcoming Reality Tour to India called Rights of Seeds, Rights of Nature.

  • You’ll be on the front lines in Charlotte and Tampa demanding that the FIRE  (Finance Insurance and Real Estate sectors ) stop spending $1331 per minute trying to influence the outcome of our democracy. 

New “Meet the F.I.R.E. Sector” report for new GEMS now through end of August

*Limited Time Offer: Become a GEMS by the end of August and we’ll send you the latest full color report: “Meet the Fire Sector: How Wall Street is Burning our Democracy.

This brand new nonpartisan report contains not only extensive research tracking Wall Street’s investment in political power, but also analyzes exactly how Wall Street has secured ‘industry-loyal voting practices’ of Congress using whopping amounts of money. And right now we’re giving away color copies to all new GEMS!

Building people-to people ties to resist injustice, take action and envision alternatives is what we do best. With a strong monthly foundation from a robust GEMS program we can do just that. Will you join us?


This woman did.








So did this guy.








Yep, her too. They’re all Global Exchange Monthly Sustainers!