This Independence Day, you fill in the blank:
“I want to #DeclareIndependence from ______.”

Are you ready to #DeclareIndependence from…

… Wall Street?
… rule by the the 1%?
… Big Ag, GMO’s, or pink slime?
… war profiteering?
… Big Oil, Big Money, or Big Brother??

What do you want to #DeclareIndependence from this July 3-4?

With an abundance of obsolete/oppressive elements in today’s world, it might be hard to choose, but I am only asking one thing:

This July 3-4, choose ONE THING you DON’T LIKE and #DeclareIndependence!

Join the hundreds of others participating on Facebook or Twitter.

Participating is Quick and Easy:

1) Simply post a sentence or a pic to the Declare Independence event page on Facebook with your #DeclareIndependence statement, or

2) Tweet using #DeclareIndependence in a statement or TweetPic.

Here’s a sample of what people like you have declared so far:

On Twitter:
@ ‏VioletRiot: I #DeclareIndependence from Wall Street! It’s time to stop rule by the 1%
@zazazarah: This #4thofJuly I’m joining @globalexchange @ElectDemocracy to #DeclareIndependence from corporate rule. Join in!
@meganrdevlin: I #DeclareIndependence from #fastfood. What will you #DeclareIndependence from this 4th of July? via @electdemocracy
@lovinstrangers:  Protect your language! #DeclareIndependence.

You can also view all #DeclareIndependence tweets so far and as they unfold in real time July 3-4.

On Facebook:
Post a story or an image, and tag yourself and your friends.
For ideas, here’s a #DeclareIndependence photo gallery put together by Global Exchange.

According to, “Declare” means “to make known.”
Make your independence known, and invite others to join you!

After July 4th, what happens to your declaration is up to you…



  • So, what are you going to #DeclareIndependence from this July 3-4? Let us know in the comments section below.
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