A source of boundless clean energy. And smiles.

Did you know that by 2015, solar energy will be the lower cost option for 66% of US homes?  Did you also know that you don’t have to live on the Equator to receive adequate sunshine to power your home?

Here at Global Exchange, we encourage our supporters to go solar and power their homes with clean, green, sunny energy.  Aside from helping decrease our country’s reliance on foreign oil and lower our carbon production, solar power has many other benefits.  Solar energy fixes your energy costs into the future, while others continue to be dependent on traditional energy sources from increasingly expensive fossil energy sources like coal and gas.  Solar energy is kind to the environment — when there’s a massive solar spill we just call that a nice sunny day.  And solar energy is driving the growth of our economy by providing new jobs every day that are helping our country grow stronger.  The sun’s energy is there for the taking — it’s free and abundant.  Isn’t it time we made the most of it?

Plus, if you go solar with our solar partner Sungevity, YOU get $750.  And you put no money down when you go with Sungevity’s remarkable and popular solar leasing program.  We win, too, with a $750 check from Sungevity for our important work.

And the Earth wins every time someone pulls away from our old dirty energy system.  It’s time we started living on the planet in ways that promote a healthy future for everyone.  And now going solar is easier than ever before.  Check out these solar myths and the truth of the matter:


1.  It costs too much to get started

2. My house doesn’t get enough sun

3.  I’ll spend too much keeping it up

4.  I’m stuck with my power company

5.  It can’t support my high energy needs


1.  Installation is free, and there’s no money down

2.  We guarantee your energy output

3.  Maintenance is totally free

4.  It’s painless to switch – we promise

5.  You don’t have to change your lifestyle.  Switching to solar means you’ll be able to run the air conditioner on those hot days and keep your energy costs down over the year.

So go to  http://www.sungevity.org/global-exchange and get an iQuote today!  If’s free, easy, and fast.  Sungevity will get your iQuote back to you within 24 hours and you’ll see what your home will look like with your proposed solar system, and how much money you will save!