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Explore the Political and Cultural Context of Iran this September

Reality Tours participant in Esphahan.

As the political and diplomatic crisis surrounding the Iranian nuclear agenda continues, Global Exchange invites you to travel and visit Iran on a Citizen Diplomacy Reality Tour.

We believe U.S. travelers to Iran can build people-to-people ties and foster dialogue and peace between the countries.  As past participant Alexa Stevens wrote of her 2011 trip:

“My journey does not boast military might nor invasive power; rather, I travel simply with the hope of bringing back knowledge”.

The exquisite ruins of Persepolis.

Citizen diplomats to Iran experience both the complex and engaging fabric of contemporary Iranian civil society while exploring also the tremendous historical and cultural sites in Iran. Travelers will visit the ancient ruins of Persepolis, the tomb of renowned Sufi poet Hafez, and the towers of silence in Yazd.

Interested in traveling to Iran?

Apply now! The application deadline for our September trip is this Friday, June 22nd, so please act quickly to join this life-changing excursion.


  1. Isel Taylor

    Will you have the opportunity to visit schools within the K-12 system and at the university level?

    • Drea

      Hello Isel. This is a great question! The Foreign Ministry of Iran does not allow non-family visits to schools within the K-12 system.

      We are however given the unique opportunity to visit the Madrassa Khan (Theological School) in Shiraz, to have interaction with teachers and students and of course this often leads to friendly invites to other places.

      I hope you will consider joining us for this amazing journey!

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