Global Exchange went to the Higher Vision Festival at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds last weekend to spread the word about Fair Trade in an unusual way.

Despite the heat, many people turned up at our booth to demand “We Want More from our S’mores!” Visitors cooked up S’mores and posed with signs such as “Hershey: Children are More Important than Chocolate!”

Global Exchange and our Raise the Bar Hershey Campaign allies have been pressing Hershey to end child labor in its cocoa supply chain and start sourcing Fair Trade certified cocoa.

Global Exchangers Kirsten and Jenny taking part in the action

This summer we are once again calling on Hershey and the rest of the cocoa industry to END grinding poverty and abusive child labor in the cocoa fields…by making a statement with our S’mores!

That’s why last weekend we took to the heat and served up Fair Trade S’mores. Lots of people joined in for some delicious fun in the sun.

Check out the S’mores pictures! Photos from the day are on our Facebook page.


  • Plan your own S’mores action: Download this step-by-step checklist available here