Hey there!  Want to celebrate Independence Day by making change? #DeclareIndpendence with us!

In 1776, the United States’ Declaration of Independence from an unjust, exploitative colonial power was celebrated as a bold, powerful, patriotic act. In 2012, there is again a need to declare independence  – from insidious corporate power, economic exploitation, assaults on civil liberties, an environmental liquidation, and plenty of other problems that you already know about… so let’s use this unique day to connect the historical dots and #DeclareIndpendence. Let’s demonstrate positive, bold, forward-facing change on this significant US holiday.

Independence from corporate exploitation something we all deserve. This day of action is open to all who seek to create a just, sustainable future. It is a call for expression, discussion, and learning about what people, groups, and organizations seek to  #DeclareIndependence from. It is an opportunity to share your important work and gather new supporters. As a participant you will help co-create collectively whatever #DeclareIndependence becomes. Invite your vast networks to join you.

Here’s how:

For Individuals:
-Join this Facebook event and invite your friends.
-Follow on Twitter: @ElectDemocracy
-Take a picture with your #DeclareIndependence message and share it with us!
-Invite your friends and groups you know to participate
-Get ready to tweet and post your heart July 3-4 as we #DeclareIndependence!

For Groups and Organizations:
Let us know you are participating and what you want to #DeclareIndependence from. Fill out this short form to stay in the loop.
-Invite your supporters & friends to join the event in emails, facebook and twitter.  You can hold a contest for supporters to vote on what your org will #DeclareIndependence from, send out little ‘teasers’ and use ‘get ready to #DeclareIndependence on July 4th messaging to get your supporters excited to be a part of this.
-Join & promote the Facebook event
-On Twitter, follow: @ElectDemocracy
-Tell other organizations you work with about this opportunity to get the word out about your efforts and find new supporters.
-On July 4th, post a blog organziation’s unique call to #DeclareIndependence  and link to your blog when you Tweet with the magic hashtag
-Take a picture with your supporters who #DeclareIndependence and share with the world
-Get ready to tweet and post your heart out from July 3-4


Leave a comment: What will YOU #DeclareIndependence this July 4th?

Who’s Organizing This?”

While #DeclareIndependence, doesn’t ‘belong’ to anyone, you can learn more about the folks who kicked off this day of action by checking out Global Exchange’s Elect Democracy campaign. We’ll be releasing a report about the connections of finance sector campaign contributions and industry-favorable voting records in the Congressional Banking and Finance committees on July 4th, so stay in touch with us to share this ground-breaking research.
At Global Exchange we seek to build an ever-expanding base of learning, understanding, shared connection and global solidarity in the work we do. While the Elect Democracy campaign is focused on exposing the connections of big bank campaign contributions and Congressional corporate loyalty, we understand that money in politics as well as the dangers of too much corporate power are enormous issues that no one organization or group can take on alone. Thus, we initiate collaborative moments such as this one to highlight moments in history, such as Independence Day, as locations for illuminating connected struggles for justice, peace, and real democracy. We hope you will join us.