In 2010 the world community through the International Labor Organization (ILO), adopted a “Roadmap for Elimination of the worst forms child labor by the year 2016″.

With only 3 years to go, how are we doing?

According to the ILO 215 million children are still in the labor market with more than half of those employed in the worst forms child labor.

The ‘worst forms of child labor’ include:

  • slavery
  • debt bondage
  • serfdom, trafficked for prostitution or for other illicit activities
  • or work which is harmful to health, safety or morals of the child.

Instead of being in school, playing with friends or in the safety of their own homes these children are forfeiting their futures and the futures of their communities for the benefit of a few people in the global economy.

Lets make this year’s World Day Against Child Labor be the year we make it stop.

Global Exchange and its Raise the Bar Hershey Campaign allies (Green America, International Labor Rights Forum, and Oasis, and other organizations) have been pressing Hershey to end child labor in its cocoa supply chain and start sourcing Fair Trade certified cocoa.

All over the world children understand the concept of fairness. Children in the US who adore a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup or are rewarded with a Hershey’s kiss are no exception.

So let’s band together and tell Hershey’s to go Fair Trade!

Today in honor of World Day Against Child Labor *five groups called on Hershey’s Chief Executive Officer, John P. Bilbrey, and the Hershey Trust to take action to end a range of appalling practices affecting children and students at both the Hershey School and the Hershey family of companies.

*the five groups are: AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Global Exchange, Green America, the International Labor Rights Forum, and the National Guestworker Alliance.

Check out the letter we sent and join the coalition to take a stand for fairness.


You Can Get Involved: Sign a petition, make a phone call – do a holiday action! Coming soon “We want from Our S’mores” Actions for the summer! We have a whole page of ways you can get involved right now, right here.