Ben & Jerry’s workers know a thing or two about putting dough in ice cream. But this time, they are calling for something different:



…of politics.



In this short video, Ben & Jerry’s workers from factory to storefront tell the story of how special interest groups have spent over 11 billion* to influence U.S. elections since 2000, and how that kind of big money is drowning out democracy.

Watch the Scoop: Get The Dough Out of Politics

Ben & Jerry’s Get the Dough Out campaign is part of the Business for Democracy coalition which supports Free Speech for People‘s call for a constitutional amendment to repeal the Citizens United Supreme Court decision.

This is important, though repealing Citizens United is just the first step on a long road to getting money out of our democracy. Learn more about Global Exchange’s Community Rights Program and let’s start walking in the right direction!

It is sweetly refreshing to see companies acting on the values of their workers and utilizing profits to support positive change. We need more modeling of corporate responsibility. Ben & Jerry’s have been great supporters of Global Exchange’s work (in 2011, Ben & Jerry MC’ed our Human Rights Awards!)  and we support their example that businesses can not only survive, but thrive without steamrolling democracy in the name of profits.

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*Data Source: Center for Responsive Politics