Dr. Vandana Shiva

Reality Tours has explored the rich history, geographical beauty, vibrant culture and pressing social and ecological issues in India for over two decades.

This November we are honored to invite you on an organic journey of a lifetime called Sacred Seeding & the Rights of Nature, inspired by the special invitation by Dr. Vandana Shiva.

Vandana Shiva is globally renowned. As an activist she has coordinated, supported and learned from grassroots networks on a wide range of issues across India. As an advocate, especially in international flora, she has proved to be one of the most articulate spokespersons of counter-development in favor of people-centered, participatory processes. As an intellectual she has produced a stream of important books and articles, which have done much both to form and address the agenda of development debate and action.

Watch Dr. Vandana Shiva’s invitation here:

About the Sacred Seeding & the Rights of Nature Trip:

Learn about the struggles and success of those that  have pioneered the organic movement in India. Enjoy hands on opportunities to get in the fields of Dr. Shiva’s organization and farm Naydanya. Engage with the country’s biggest network of seed keepers and organic producers, for the conservation of indigenous seeds. Be inspired by the powerful potential of the Rights of Nature campaign and what it means for local communities and ecosystems, as well as the potential that these laws have for the whole planet.

Shannon Biggs

Reality Tours has visited Navdanya many times over the years. This year Dr. Shiva will spend four full days with us and will  be joined by our Global Exchange Rights of Nature expert, Shannon Biggs. Shannon’s  advocacy brings the global issues back to the global North where she is working to educate, organize and support communities to exert their rights in the face of globalization.