When news came out yesterday that Berkeley’s City Council was considering passing a resolution to honor Pfc. Bradley Manning for leaking information to Wikileaks and call for his release, FOX News approached Medea Benjamin to appear on “America Live with Megyn Kelly” to discuss her reaction to the resolution.

While Megyn Kelly brought up the idea that perhaps Pfc. Bradley Manning had blood on his hands for leaking the information, Medea made clear points for the need of having transparency and an informed citizenry in order to make informed decisions about our foreign policy positions.


We need transparency and an informed citizenry. So many things have been hidden from us in the last decade that has gotten us into wars we shouldn’t be in and have resulted in so much suffering and agony. And if indeed Bradley Manning gave us documents that can end all of this, then he is actually going to be saving lives.

There is absolutely no evidence that anything that has been leaked has resulted in the death of anybody because of these leaks. The policies themselves have led to and continue to lead to the deaths of innocent people.

Bradley Manning is a truthteller; getting out information that we the public need to make informed decisions about our policies and that’s a positive thing.

The things that we have learned through Wikileaks, like the use of clusterbombs in Yemen – a weapon that has been condemned all over the world – the continued killing of innocent people through drones in Pakistan; the widening of these wars that are supposedly being wound down, we need an open discussion about a foreign policy run amok and this is giving us that opening. My view – the fact that we can now have these kinds of discussions to say, ‘Is this policy making us more or less safe?’, and I say the policies is what’s making us less safe. Bradley manning is actually helping to have that discussion.