Months ago, with the holidays on the horizon, a team of us here at Global Exchange had a brainstorming session focused on our gift memberships.

Our goal: figure out a way to offer new Global Exchange members this holiday season a little something extra beyond the standard membership benefits, in exchange for their support.

The recession kept coming up in conversation. We figured most people would have limited funds to spend on gifts this year, so why not offer supporters who give Global Exchange gift memberships this holiday season some cool freebies to go along with the membership. More bang for your buck, so to speak.

We came up with six different Membership Gift Packages, so folks could choose the theme that interests their gift recipient the most. Each one would cost the standard Global Exchange membership rate ($35) but in addition to the usual perks (including discounts to our Fair Trade stores and quarterly newsletters), we’d also include both Fair Trade chocolate AND coffee, PLUS a whole other gift (depending on which gift package they choose.)

Here we are now, the new gift membership packages just launched online, and we’re sincerely proud to offer up these great deals as we add to our growing 40,000+ list of international supporters!

So check them out below, and if you’re as excited as we are about them, then go online to order yours soon. As one might suspect, it’s a ‘while supplies last’ type of situation.

Introducing, the 6 new Global Exchange Membership Gift Packages:

Each package includes…

  • Gift Membership Certificate good for one year of Global Exchange membership
  • Fair Trade chocolate bar
  • 12 oz. bag of Fair Trade coffee
  • PLUS one special gift!

Fair Trade Supporter Membership Package
Special gift: 2011 Fair Trade calendar
Your gift supports efforts to grow the Fair Trade movement, ensuring small-scale farmers receive a fair price for their crops, helping to get kids off of farms and into the classroom, and promoting sustainable farming practices.

Socially Responsible Traveler Membership Package
Special Gift: A coupon for $200 off any 2011 Global Exchange Reality Tour and a TassaTag™ (Travelers Take Action Against Sex Slavery and Trafficking) luggage tag.
Your gift supports Global Exchange’s Reality Tours travel program, which enables US citizens to explore peace, justice and environmental issues in 35 countries around the world.

A Future of Peace Membership Package
Special Gift: Peace Never Tasted So Sweet, a cookbook of delicious recipes for a sweeter world and action ‘how-tos’, written by our friends at Code Pink.
Your gift supports the peace movement to end funding for war, prevent future wars and uphold human rights around the globe.

Climate Justice Membership Package
Special Gift: Copy of Does Nature Have Rights?, a report produced by the Council of Canadians, Fundacion Pachamama, and Global Exchange.
Your gift provides its recipient the opportunity to join and support the people’s movement to achieve real and fair climate solutions — solutions that ensure the burden of addressing climate change is not placed on the world’s poorest communities.

End Dirty Energy Membership Package
Special Gift: Copy of The Tyranny of Oil: the World’s Most Powerful Industry–And What We Must Do To Stop It, written by Antonia Juhasz, Global Exchange’s Energy Program Director.
Your gift allows its recipient a chance to be a part of a campaign that exposes Chevron’s greenwashing, unites and supports oil-affected communities, and works to build alternative energy solutions.

Green Solutionaries Membership Package
Special Gift: Copy of Building the Green Economy signed by co-author Global Exchange Co-Founder Kevin Danaher.
Your gift supports innovative programs to engage youth of color in the green economy — providing them education in eco-literacy and hands-on training in green career skills

Happy choosing and happy holidays, from all of us here at Global Exchange!