2013 Honorable Mentions

2013 Honorable Mentions —Visual
Jury: Wanda Whitaker (Anchored Spirit), Nelson Enriquez, and Laurie Marshall (Create Peace Project)
2013 Honorable Mentions-Written
Joao Batista Gaspar Lopes, 17 yrs, “One World, One Nation, One Community” Salinas, California
Courtney Grigby, 20 yrs, “Rest in Peace”, Washington DC
Kailash Pandey, 17 yrs, “Global Peace” Damauli, Nepal
Austin Derby, 17yrs, “Peace: Glass on the Floor”, Omaha, Nebraska
Eric Daubach, 18 yrs, “Planet Earth”, Omaha, Nebraska
Michael Robinson, 17 yrs, “Where is Peace?”, Salinas, California
Peace Onyekwelu,  15 yrs “A Song with You”, Onitsha, Nigeria 
Carly Seedall,  18 yrs, “Peace is Faith”, Portland Oregon
Batool Ali, 14 yrs, “What About Peace”, Islamabad, Pakistan
Marvelous Ugochukwu,  15 yrs, “A Better Prospect of Peace, Onitsha, Nigeria
Lauren Richter,  18 yrs, “What About Peace?” Omaha, Nebraska
Amanda Trerotola, 15 yrs, “Love Prevails”, Farmingdale, New Jersey
Lori Devore, 16 yrs, “Is it Really Working”, Owasso, Oklahoma
Madeline Steeb, 18 yrs, “A Knock on the Door”, Omaha, Nebraska
Juan Nuñez, 15 yrs, “Peace!”, San Diego, California
Corey  Oldenhuis, 17 yrs, “Queries of  Broken Race”, Omaha, Nebraska
Anna Huynh, 14 yrs, “What About Peace?”, San Diego, California
Kenneth Davis, 17 yrs, “What Is Peace”, Omaha, Nebraska
Creyan Chanda, 15 yrs, “What About Peace”, Kabwe, Zambia
Justina Moya, 14 yrs,  “Peace in Africa”, Kabwe, Zambia
Sarah Stephenson, 17yrs, “Face in the Paper”, Omaha, Nebraska
DeAndre Denmond, 16yrs, “A Thing”, San Diego, California
Jury: Pam Rosenthal, Michael Rosenthal (Modern Times Bookstore), Pam Totah, and Victoria Cormak

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