2010 Chevron Annual Shareholder Meeting












In 2010, Chevron moved their Annual Shareholder meeting from San Ramon, CA (where it is based) to Houston, TX headquarters (in the infamous Enron Building) in an attempt to run from its critics. However, the True Cost of Chevron Network let Chevron know that it could run, but it could not hide.

Dozens of leaders from communities affected by Chevron traveled to Houston to confront the oil giant and deliver 2010 True Cost of Chevron Alternative Annual Report, which reveals the true cost paid for Chevron's operations in communities around the world.

In a bid to silence the truth about its human rights and environmental impacts around the world, Chevron denied access to shareholder representatives at the annual shareholder meeting, while also having five True Cost of Chevron Network members arrested

Chevron's attempts to hide the truth are doomed to failure as long as communities continue to speak out against Big Oil and hold them accountable.


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